Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog Chat

Hello everyone!
Chat will be open at 7am tomorrow morning (Monday July 1st). hope to ' see' you then.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chat guidelines & Info

The Chat guidelines:are the same as the Cornell Red-Tail hawk cam; If you do not obey these rules you will be banned

1. Respect each other at all times this chat is meant to be fun. 

2. NO personal info we want to keep chatters safe so make sure your chat username does not include your real name. Do not give out age, place of residence, etc..

3. NO bold, italics, underline those options are saved for admins and moderators only.

4. This chat has no tolerance for trolls.

Chat info: 
.This chat is only for chatters of the Red-Tail Hawk cam to talk and mingle as we morn in chat closing for the season.

. Chat will not be open the same hours as Cornell's Hawk Chat.

. I will notify hours of chat being open each day. it will not be open all day long and some days I may not even open chat.

. Chat will not be open all year it will probably close around the beginning of Fall, but keep in mind it may be open for longer or it may be open for shorter amount of time than that.

. To use this chat you will either need to make a chatwing account, or sign in using Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo.

. And above all, have fun!

If you would like to become a moderator of this chat contact me at:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome to Hawkaholics Anonymous!

Welcome to Hawkaholics Anonymous! This is a site to keep in touch with our fellow Hawk Watchers at Cornell's Red Tail Hawk cam and to keep up with all the 'happenings' in our community.
Thanks for coming!