Friday, December 20, 2013

Special Announcement

On Saturday, the 21st of December at 2 P.M. EST, our very own BOG Geneowls will film his first tour of the Ithaca, NY area. Gene will take us on a very in-depth look into the life of 'our' Red-Tail Hawk pair, Big Red & Ezra. For more information as to what Gene's tours will focus on, you can see a summery, here, (skip to 11:30):
If you haven't already followed Gene's Livestream, please do. And don't forget to sign up for email notifications so you will be notified whenever Gene goes live!
Note: There will be a live chat while Gene is streaming, all are welcome to join in.

Hope to see you all there!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Due to the impending holidays I will refrain from posting anymore "Week in Reviews" until the 5th of January.
Merry Christmas everyone! And also have a very Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hawkaholics Week of 11/24/13 and 12/1/13 in Review.

Some of the highlights from the past two week in "Cornell Hawks Land":

(11/28/13) Special Thanksgiving Edition Ferris Tour:
Ferris filmed a special Thanksgiving Day Tour and stopped by Sapsucker and Ithaca.

11/28 Ferris Tour Footage and Videos:
. "Probably Rosie." By Elly:
. "Merlin Hunting."  By Elly:
. "Big Red on Baker." By Ely:
"Clips From Near and At Pheasant Farm." By Elly:
Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip One. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Two. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:

(11/28/13) Karel Tour:
Summery of the special Thanksgiving Day tour, by Karel Sedlacek:
"We find EZ / BR and a D in the McConville, Muncer Lab, Plantations.. See 12:30 in to see the juvie. We started in the valley near Caldwell and Plantation road. Walked up to the top of ridge near farm.
Spot EZ. Track and BR along 366 working our way across the snowy field. They loop back to the Lab and Caldwell road. We see a juvie a join them (12:30) as one head down to campus and 2 head over to the wooded hill along Caldwell were we started. We see some nice floats and EZ nearby."

11/28 Karel Footage and Videos:
. "Ezra, Big Red and a Juvie Soaring on Thanksgiving." By Elly:
. "Ezra/ Big Red/ D." Courtesy of Karel Sedlacek:

(11/29/13) Karel Tour:
Summery of the November 29th tour, by Karel Sedlacek:
"Primarily at Game Farm. Video froze short of 13 min and recorder refused to restart. Previously, we stopped on campus and saw BR and EZ circle up the Humphrey's Building smoke stacks and engage a juvenile Bald Eagle way up over the cemetery. Thought we had 3 RTHs until we saw the size difference-- flat wings, black under side, no white on head and tail-- huge bird. One of the CU hawks dived bombed the BE.

11/29 Karel Footage and Videos:
. "Game Farm RTH." Courtesy of Karel Sedlacek:

(12/1/13) Karel, BOGette, and BOG Tour:
Summery of the December 1st tour, by Karel Sedlacek:
"The BOGs visit campus and see BR on Bradfield and near holey cow. EZ visits her at Bradfield and then drags her over to 366 so she can keep and eye on him. EZ gets dive bombed by a kestrel while sitting on his pole--"whatever...". We move on to Game Farm and see a few RTHs a Harrier and plenty of vultures. Wander the grounds seeing what we can scare up. Finish up at Sapsucker, yacking and live-streaming the Cornell livestream bird feeders LOL. Enjoy."

12/1 Karel Tour Footage and Videos:
. "BOG's with BR, EZ, Game Farm, Sapsucker 12/1/13." Courtesy of Karel Sedlacek:
. "BR's bark tree dilemma" By Elly:

(12/2/13) Ferris Tour:
December surprise, a Monday Ferris Tour.

12/2 Ferris Tour Footage and Videos:
. "Sapsucker Woods Tour Excerpt One - Sweetie and Rosie." By Elly:
. "Big Red & Ezra on Route 366." By Elly:
. " Sapsucker Woods Tour Excerpt Two - Pileated Woodpecker." By Elly:
. "Sapsucker Woods Tour Excerpt Three - Rosie." By Elly:
. "Tour Summery and RTH at Pheasant Farm." By Elly:
. "Big Red." By Elly:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip One. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Two. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Three. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Four. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Five: Courtesy of Ferris Akel:

(12/7/13) Ferris Tour:
A snowy Saturday Ferris Tour.

12/7 Ferris Tour Footage and Videos:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip one. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Two. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker, Clip Three. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Sapsucker/ Ithaca, Clip Four. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. Ferris at Ithaca, Clip Five. Courtesy of Ferris Akel:
. "BR on Clark." By Elly:
. "Pheasant Pharm Clips" By Elly:

(12/8/13) Karel Tour:
Summery of the December 8th tour, by Karel Sedlacek:
"We saw EZ at the athletics field light towers, then later with BR in their new Kissing Tree 4 (I said 3 in the video, but KT3 is the tree near Humphries), an oak in on the slope in front of A.D. White House. They both fly off, but we find and hang out with BR as she sits on the Space Sciences smoke stack. Have a visit with a toast loving squirrel as we watch. Go looking for EZ and find BR again on the antennae of Barton. Have a peak then off she goes to North Campus. We head up Holey Cow..."

12/8 Karel Tour Footage and Videos:
. "EZ / BR." Courtesy of Karel Sedlacek:
. "Squirrel Munches on Toast." By Elly:
. "BR on Barton Antenna." By Elly:
. "Possible New Bark Tree Near Plant Sci." By Elly:
. " EZ Near Holey Cow Field." By Elly:
. "BR on Space Science and Sightings Summery." By Elly:

(12/8/13) Ezra Visits the Nest:
At 9:57 a.m. on Monday Ezra visited the nest do some "nestorations", I suppose. I guess we only had one viewer that was actually paying close attention at the time.
Many thanks to Donna for the screencap she took of Ezra (see below):